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New Science: Issue 2 (2010)

7 October 2010


Welcome to New Science, our magazine featuring the latest updates from LDF grant-holders, who are developing non-animal research methods. We have selected our key articles for you to read: just click on the links below.

LDF Project Report: Cartilage research showcased at international conference
Drs Salih and Herle are working on modifications to the ultrasound exposure rig to expand the range of acoustic outputs available.

LDF Project Report: Neurotoxicity research goes from strength to strength
LDF is funding exciting work carried out by Professor Mike Coleman at Aston University. This research studies the reactions of brain cells to toxicity, using a human-based model to study neural function.

Artificial Lymph Node: Testing human specific immune reactions
As seen in previous disastrous human drug trials such as TGN1412, the immune systems of non-human primates are not sufficiently similar to those of humans to detect human immune reactions.

Cataract lens replacement tested in fully human system
LDF sponsored research by Dr. Michael Wormstone at the University of East Anglia is using ‘eye bags’, from human donors, with the aim of replacing the use of rabbits in carrying out research into intra ocular lens design to prevent the development of Posterior Capsule Opacification following cataract surgery.

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