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The use of human tissue by LDF grantholders

Tissues, cells or organs for use by a current or potential LDF grant holder may be obtained from a living patient undergoing medical treatment, from a cadaver, or from a tissue bank such as the UK Human...

How to apply

Important information for applicants: The LDF has fulfilled our budget for the first half of 2014 and is now happy to receive grant applications for funding in 2015. We are particularly interested in...

Terms and conditions of acceptance

Important information for applicants: Please note that as the Lord Dowding Fund is supporting some long-term projects, our budget for new projects is currently limited, and the probability of receiving...

Peer Reviews

To ensure that the Lord Dowding Fund resources are used to support the highest quality and most applicable research projects we are seeking to establish a Peer Review Panel to assist with the assessment...

Media guidelines and conditions for LDF grant holders

Guidelines: Lord Dowding Fund (LDF) grantholders are required to respect the policies and aims of the organisation and not to contradict those policies and aims within any media interviews set up by...

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