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How to apply

Important information for applicants:

The LDF is happy to receive grant applications for funding. We are particularly interested in receiving projects in the areas of Parkinsonís, Alzheimerís and other dementias, but will be equally pleased to consider grants applications from researchers in other fields of work.

Historically we have funded research into metastases, microsurgery, breast and lung cancer, schizophrenia, cot deaths, cataracts, kidney research and computer teaching packages which replace the use of animals in education of students at school and university level.

Although we are always keen to promote studies into alternatives to animal experimentation, we unfortunately donít provide funding purely for individuals at the PhD or post-graduate level.

Applications for funding must be accompanied by:-

The Application Process

The Lord Dowding Fund reserves the right to submit applications for peer review. Following further study and approval by the Fund’s scientific department, applications are forwarded with recommendations to our Council of Management, which meets quarterly. For this reason there will be a delay of two to three months from receipt of the application.

Early application is essential, since it is sometimes necessary to take up references, raise queries, or we may request a visit to your premises to meet either the main applicant or all applicants. The Council’s decision is final.

Please do not contact us by telephone to chase progress. You will be informed immediately once a decision is reached. If no decision has been reached but queries have been raised, you will be contacted immediately.


In the event of your application being successful, please note that installments for the project are paid quarterly in arrears upon receipt of your invoice.

Patents, Commercial Applications, Liability

Although the Lord Dowding Fund is a non-profitmaking organisation, the Fund expects to receive appropriate consideration, as investors, in any commercial benefits or enterprise arising out of projects developed with the Fund’s financial support. Likewise, the Fund will need to take steps to protect itself from any potential liabilities arising from the application of any discoveries or developments arising from the Fund’s financial support. The Fund will discuss, and make appropriate arrangements with grantholders, on a case-by-case basis.

Project Default

If, during the course of the project, either progress or reporting is unsatisfactory, the Lord Dowding Fund reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the funding. If, during the course of the project, the grantholder fails to adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Acceptance, the Lord Dowding Fund reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the funding.

All required documents for the application pack can be downloaded below. You can also contact us for an application pack to be sent by post.

The Lord Dowding Fund can be contacted at Millbank Tower, Millbank, London, SW1P 4QP, telephone 020 7630 3340 and email [email protected]. A printed copy of the completed form should be sent by post.

The deadlines for receipt of applications are as follows:

1st January for April Meeting
1st April for July Meeting
1st July for October Meeting
1st October for January Meeting


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