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New Science 2012

31 January 2012


Welcome to New Science, an annual bulletin from the Lord Dowding Fund featuring the latest updates on our projects and news from the world of animal research replacement techniques.

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In this issue, you can read about our current research projects, which include human scanning work at Aston University, Professor Pilkington’s brain tumour research at Portsmouth and our new project on breast cancer with Dr Holliday of Leeds University. We also report on our survey of universities teaching life sciences without killing animals.


In these hard economic times it is more important than ever that we continue the work of the Lord Dowding Fund.

The Fund is saving animals from research while it also provides the world with advanced scientific techniques good for both animals and people.

Countless animals have been saved, and more can be done. By next year, our work with the European and UK parliaments will have produced new rules to ensure that non-animal scientific techniques are given more weight in the research decision-making process. So it is important to redouble our efforts. The replacement of the use of animals in research with more sophisticated methods is undoubtedly the proposition that has been the most effective in persuading the scientific community to end animal use.

Our steady progress over the past twenty nine years must continue.

We need donations to continue our current research projects, as well as to expand our work, bringing closer the day when animal research is something of the past.

Please support the work of the Lord Dowding Fund. To make a donation to support our projects click here

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