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2010 - ReCAL 2

22 March 2010

Professor David Dewhurst at the University of Edinburgh has been awarded a new grant for 2010 which will enable the fruition of the ReCAL project one which will have spanned a longstanding LDF collaboration of 25 years in 2011.

The new grant will be used for the ReCAL 2 project to enhance the impact of computer-based educational alternatives on animal use in the teaching of biomedical sciences. The main structure of the ReCAL project is in place but the key to ensuring wide dissemination and uptake of the program will be dependent on thorough user guidance documentation and extensive publicity to relevant stakeholders.

Professor Dewhurst and his team of researchers are also undertaking the first LDF funded survey on animal use and the alternatives in higher education across the EU. The results of this survey will be analysed and filtered into the ReCAL program where necessary. A virtual laboratory will also be developed based on an existing ReCAL package, which will provide an exploratory environment in which the learner is able to simulate experiments on a virtual animal preparation within the laboratory.

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