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Research projects 2001 - Calcium imbalance

With LDF support, Christopher Wong (right) at Bristol Royal Infirmary is establishing a human cell culture model to study the causes of a calcium imbalance in the blood. Calcium concentration within the...

Research projects 2001 - UK Human tissue bank

The Lord Dowding Fund has recently purchased a new High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) machine for the http://www.ukhtb.org/UK Human Tissue Bank (UKHTB). In the search for alternatives to the...

Research projects 2001 - Food safety testing

The current test for the detection of certain marine poisons is a mouse test classified by the Home Office as a procedure of 'substantial' severity. Mice are injected with shellfish or seawater extract...

Research projects 2001 - Infection

The use of protozoa to model human infection Professor Brown of Bath University is establishing a humane method of incubating bacteria instead of growing the bacteria inside animals, for the study...

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