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SSC: problems faced in developing vaccines or therapeutics

SSC: 3) Outbredness and the need to consider genetic resistance & susceptibility Inbred species of mice and even transgenics cannot predict accurately for how long a drug, biological, or vaccine will...

Research on TSE

The SSC included research on TSE in its introduction, citing research on these diseases of the brain to justify the use of non-human primates in research: ADI Response: TSE (spongiform encepalopathy,...

Response to the statement of the EU Scientific Steering Committee: References

1 Feinberg, M.B. and Moore, J.P (2002) ĎAIDS vaccine models: Challenging challenge virusesí Nature Medicine, vol.8.3. 2 Zbinden, G & Flury-Roversi, M. (1981) Archives of Toxicology vol.47, 77-99 3 Haigwood,...

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