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LDF attends the Aston Brain Centre grand opening

28 September 2011


The Lord Dowding Fund was invited to the launch of the world-leading Centre of Excellence for brain development and imaging studies at the newly formed Aston Brain Centre (ABC) at Aston University. The invitation was in recognition of the significant research funding which had been provided to Professor Paul Furlong and his research team by the LDF.

With Aston’s 40-year track record of research leadership in the study of brain development and imaging, both in the UK and internationally, the purpose-build centre brings together a unique suite of equipment, facilities and scientists. Working in the centre will be research teams, academics and clinicians carrying out brain research in subjects ranging from child development to healthy ageing.

The event allowed invited guests to explore the new centre, learn about the facility and talk to the team about their research and the current and potential impact created by the exciting work which will be conducted at the centre.
The LDF are currently funding Professor Furlong and his team for “scanning hours”, which encompasses the entire cost of scanning for humane research on an hourly basis. This allows the grant to cover a wide range of studies within the area of neurological research in humans, thereby facilitating progress in a number of fields.

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