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Terms and conditions of acceptance

Important information for applicants:

Please note that as the Lord Dowding Fund is supporting some long-term projects, our budget for new projects is currently limited, and the probability of receiving a grant is presently low. The financial year of the fund starts in January, and applications received before 1st October of any given year will be considered at the first board meeting of the following year.

Although we are always keen to promote studies into alternatives to animal experimentation, we unfortunately donít provide funding purely for individuals at the PhD or post-graduate level.

Topics Supported

The Lord Dowding Fund is a department of the National Anti-Vivisection Society. We believe that animal-based research is totally inapplicable to medical progress, and has often retarded it. The Fund supports research aimed at replacing the use of laboratory animals.

Financial support is given for a wide range of projects including, for example, pure and applied research in the fields of biology, human and veterinary medicine, toxicology and teaching. A wide range of techniques is supported, including cell/tissue/organ culture, computer simulation, mathematical modelling, quantum pharmacology, chemical separation/analysis, epidemiology and genetic engineering.

Funding Available

Each application is considered on individual merits. As a general guideline, funding in the past has ranged from the purchase of simple one-off items of equipment through to complete funding of particularly interesting projects, including salaries for two or three years. A first application should not exceed £75,000. Grants may be approved for a one year period, with renewal subject to satisfactory progress having been made.

Since its inception in 1973, the Fund has made grants approaching £2 million.

Terms & Conditions, Restrictions

By completing an application to the Lord Dowding Fund for a grant, the applicant agrees to the following terms and conditions, in the event of a successful application.

These conditions, together with the completed application form, and the media guidelines, all form the contract between the applicant and the Lord Dowding Fund:-

As a non-profit organisation, supported entirely by donations and legacies, the Lord Dowding Fund does not in any circumstances pay overheads or ‘on-costs’.

Only applications from UK researchers will be considered, for practical and financial reasons.

Applications are more likely to succeed if the project involves no animal tissues. The use of monoclonal antibodies produced by the ascites method is prohibited.

The use of animal sera, eg foetal bovine serum, is acceptable only if alternatives (human serum, serum replacements or serum-free medium) are unsuitable.

Click here to link to Focus on Alternatives to view a table of serum-free media.

It is unlikely that a grant will be approved for the use of animal tissues in culture. Preference will always be given to research using human tissues, except in cases of veterinary research where tissues from a naturally sick animal, whose individual disease is being studied as part of a course of treatment, are more appropriate.

Under no circumstances will research be sponsored where embryonated eggs (human or animal) are to be used, nor where a disease has been artificially induced into an animal during the course of veterinary research.

Applicants must not hold a current licence under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986; or have held one in the past five years; or intend to apply for one in the foreseeable future; or have experimented on animals outside the UK in the past five years.

Applications on behalf of junior scientists (graduate students, research assistants) must be made by a senior scientist (PhD supervisor or head of research group).

Grant-holders are required to supply six-monthly progress reports on their work, which will be treated as confidential unless the work has already been published.

Upon completion of the project, a final technical report will be required. Final payment will be withheld until this is received.

Applicants will also supply a copy of any paper or article that they have published during their period of support from the Fund.

The Lord Dowding Fund reserves the right to use abstracts from the grantholder’s report in future publications, including the LDF Summary of Research Projects and for any other publicity purposes (please refer to Media Guidelines).

The Lord Dowding Fund reserves the right to publicise its funding of the grantholder’s project as it deems appropriate and has final approval upon publicity material released (please refer to Media Guidelines).


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