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Media guidelines and conditions for LDF grant holders


Lord Dowding Fund (LDF) grantholders are required to respect the policies and aims of the organisation and not to contradict those policies and aims within any media interviews set up by the LDF Public Relations Department, in order to promote an LDF project. Grantholders are not required to comment upon LDF policies and aims; comments should be restricted to their own project.

LDF policies and aims are:

LDF grantholders are not, therefore, required to speak on behalf of the organisation, indeed, it is undesirable for grantholders to become involved in discussions about our policies and beliefs.

Please refer questions of policy directly to the LDF Public Relations Department.

LDF grantholders are required to ensure that the support of the LDF is acknowledged in any media interviews.


Photography: The LDF requires its grantholders to participate in photoshoots to provide material for publicity purposes: for the organisations magazine, leaflets, press and television publicity. The grantholder may recommend which shots they feel most suitable for use but the final choice must remain with the LDF Public Relations Department, who are best placed to understand the needs of different media.

While it is acceptable for a grantholder to recommend which material may be most useful, the final decision remains with the LDF.

Press releases and publicity material: Press releases are written, approved and distributed by the LDF PR Department. Only quotes attributed to grantholders will be subject to approval by the grantholder. Exceptions will be made if the grantholder’s quote is not in line with LDF policies and aims.

The grantholder is invited to provide comments on the content of the press release, if necessary, but final approval rests with the LDF.

The LDF reserves the right to publicise the grantholder’s report, in part or in full, as appropriate.

Third parties: Third parties do not have final approval upon LDF publicity campaigns or material, including the public relations departments of educational establishments.

If requested, the LDF is willing to work with third party public relations teams, and keep them informed of media activity, copying to them press releases as a matter of courtesy. Comments and suggestions will be taken on board. However, final approval upon published material submitted to the media remains with the LDF.

Third parties should request contact with the LDF PR Department at the onset of a project in order for good communications to be established.

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