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Peer Reviews

To ensure that the Lord Dowding Fund resources are used to support the highest quality and most applicable research projects we are seeking to establish a Peer Review Panel to assist with the assessment of grant applications. Eminent scientists from all fields are invited to volunteer as panel members, details as follows:

It is anticipated that each panel member will be requested to review a maximum of 2 applications per year.

A copy of the review questionnaire can be downloaded, for potential peer reviewers to estimate how time consuming being a panel member will be. Referees will have a tenure of 5 years, which will be renewable upon invitation. If panel members wish to apply for a Lord Dowding Fund grant to support their own research, they must release their tenure first. To download a copy of the peer review questionnaire, please click here.

Referees may give written notice of their wish to leave the panel at any time. Although a list of panel members will be available upon request, the reviewers of each particular grant application will remain anonymous.

Potential Peer Review Panel members should send a current CV to:

Research Department
Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research
Millbank Tower

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 020 7630 3340
Fax: 020 7828 2179

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